Sun dried hearts
Dumbfounded by repercussion

Never thought
that it could happen

Neutralized all open ends
Burned the evidence
And vacuumed up the ashes

At times the guilt rises to the surface
So they try to pretend
Like everything is giggles and laughter

But behind closed doors tears they shed

Blood runs red in all beings
They found out the real way

So their days consist of looking over their shoulders
Awaiting the pay back–
Trying to avoid the repercussion

But as the days grow older
They tend to relax–
Because they believe the past won’t touch them

But your past foes emotions burn hot
When glory is not theirs to try on

So they express the sour grapes theory
Baring canine teeth 

Updating Aesop’s translation

To fit that space in time
Where envy becomes indignation

And the scourge of society becomes you–
And everything that you’re about

So they have to wipe you out

©2015 Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

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